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October 15, 2012
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You walked down the gray sidewalk of the clean and neat street as you whistled to the newest kpop song by [Favorite Kpop Group/Artist]. The song was quite catchy as always and it just so happened to also be a favorite song by your best friend, Kiku Honda. Ever since your first day of junior high school the two if you became very good friends due to you both sharing a huge interest in anime.

Kiku was always a very shy and thoughtful Japanese boy. Although when it came to anime he would liven up and he could talk about it forever and ever, as could you. This is how Kiku usually acted in a nut shell, but lately he has been acting...strange. Specifically starting this week. He blushed a lot, stuttered, and seemed to sweat whenever you were around now. This is very unlike him except when a very pretty girl from an anime was involved. You thought that maybe he just thought you looked like one, so basically you just brushed it off.

Today was a Saturday which, of course, meant no school. Usually on Saturdays you would go over to Kiku's house and watch the latest anime. Right now it was Sword Art Online. It was very new and you and Kiku thought that the plot was just spectacular. A lot of thought was put into it.

You slightly giggled when you thought of last week, when you accidentally hugged hum because a certain part was very fluffy. Of course he laid the "no touchie" rule on you, which you thought was adorable in a friendly way. Before you knew it -due to your thinking- you were at Kiku's house.

You took out a key from under the mat and opened the locked door. Gladly, you strolled in as you would on any other normal Saturday. You made sure to leave your shoes by the door before you went to Kiku's room. "Kiku-kun, I'm here!" You shouted from halfway down the hallway.

You approached the last door to the right and opened it without knocking. Kiku hated this, which is why you did it. Teasing him was so fun. When he would give you a small lecture about how improper it is. Then he'd go into an honor speech and end it with a "I'm grad I rive arone." Yeah, believe it or not he lived by himself practically. Kiku's parents were rarely home.

"H-herro, [Y/N]-chan..." You stopped dead in your tracks from walking in his room and gave a confused look. Did Kiku really just not scold you for not knocking? Did he really just ignored it and stuttered?

"You feeling okay, Kiku?" You asked as you slowly went to go sit down in the red beanbag chair next to Kiku's green one. He only looked at you and nodded. Alright, either something was wrong with Kiku or this was just a drunken dream and you would wake up with a hangover soon. You slapped that thought out of your head. No way that second option was possible.

Instead of taking drastic measures you just patiently waited for Kiku to turn on the anime.


At the end of the first episode you two had watched that day, you were starting to feel cold. Kiku took note of this as he hid joy behind his soulless dark brown eyes. This was exactly what he was waiting for. He wanted to tell you his feelings and he thought that the best way would be with a cheesy fluffy pickup line.

"[Y/N]-chan...are you cord?" He asked with little confidence. You responded with a small yes. Kiku tried not to ruin anything by smiling before he said the next part. "Werr...can I be your branket?"

You never laughed so hard in your entire life.
Finally I have written a one-shot with my favorite Hetalia character. I really liked how this turned out. Please favorite, comment, and watch me for more FanFiction and one-shots about Hetalia to come. If you see any grammar errors, spelling errors, or if someone seems too OOC please tell me. Thank you and enjoy.

I do not own the preview picture.
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Or someone else could do it for you. 
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